Have you ever recognized that colors play an important role in changing our energy?

Indeed, color can be a psychological factor driving our mood of the day. According to a scientific research released by the University of Liege in 2010, its result shows that colors composition of light can influence the Amygdala’s function – the emotional processing centre of our brain.

Interior Home Designers can create a pleasant ambiance by choosing the suitable colors for a space. Why don’t we apply that principle in other activities? After understanding the energy hidden behind each color, we can apply it in tricking our mind to produce positive effects.

Check out your wardrobe, your room, or working space then add some items with the colors corresponding to your expected energy.

Try it! The result might surprise you more than you thought.

Now let’s discover the secrets of colors in this article.


Energy: Power, elegance, reliability, intelligence, modesty, and maturity.

This tone is closest to the black color while it still relates to the cliché of a determined and serious person. This is perhaps why we have seen many people holding a high position in corporations, or professionals working in financial sectors love wearing grey. I know that it’s just stereotype but if you really expect to look more elegant, reliable, or even more matured in certain occasions, grab a grey dress or shirt. You will nail it!

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com


Energy: depth and stability, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, truth, and tranquility.

Although I do not know how to swim *so embarrassed*, I am still an ocean dreamer because its color helps me relax. Thus, if you are having a lot of anxiousness or feeling unsecured, perhaps try to add a blue ocean item into your bedroom or on your working desk to calm your mind. I am sure it works.

Source: Internet


Energy: creativity, inspiration, credibility, reliability, and spiritual development.

The teal is a medium blue-green color that comes from a bird named common teal (Anas crecca).

By adding this tone to into your space, it can also attract harmoniousness, calmness, and the sense of security. Perhaps ready to change your bedding with the teal color today?

Photo by Ben Mack on Pexels.com


Energy: growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, safety, and healing.

No doubt, these characteristics all connect to the nature. I would suggest putting some little interior plants in your living room or kitchen when you are in lack of energy and asking yourself: “Do I need to change something”? Yes, that little something is the “green energy”, a plant.

Photo by Ian Panelo on Pexels.com


Energy: loyalty, power, nobility, luxury, ambition, wealth, extravagance, wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

The purple combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. The color are believed to increase your imagination, remove perceived spiritual obstacles, calm confrontations, and re-energize the learning of new things.

I actually do love violet but weirdly I do not have any item in this color. I guess that it seems difficult to match with other color. However, I definitely go for a bouquet of flowers in violet then put them in my living room. Sounds like bringing the magic to the house, right?

Source: Internet


Energy: girly, sweet, innocent, sensitive, passionate, playful, sensual and loving.

Pink is a dedicate color that represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability.

Urrgg… You might think that this color is too girly for you. I know it’s not your style (not mine anymore neither 😀 ). Yet, it can be an occasion to help you refresh, so why don’t just give it a try?

Start with a tiny change like wearing a pink earrings or bracelet to your date, or add a pink tea cups collection in your kitchen to brighten your day every morning. Sounds fun? 😉

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com


Enegy: power, energy, passion, desire, sexuality, speed, strength, love, intensity, and celebration.

This color is the mixture of blood and fire.

When I was younger, I did not like any thing in red because I thought only matured women would were it. Indeed, women do look more powerful, sexy, and ambitious in red.

This color appeals intense energy. So, if you are in a state of searching for motivation and confidence, look to this color more often or wear a dress in red. This little tip might attract the energy you are seeking for.

Photo by P C on Pexels.com


Energy: joy, enthusiasm, fascination, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement, and stimulation.

Orange is my favorite color that I apply to boost my creativity and energy. Look at this photo below, do you feel more energized? Do not underestimate its power. Putting a photo in intense orange color on your desk can motivate you to get your tasks done quicker.

Source: Internet


Energy: sunshine, joy, happiness, intellect, cheerfulness, and energy.

Yellow – my top choice color – that generates the positives vibes around me. Any sunshine’s fan out there?

I also read an interior design’s article few months ago and have learnt that a yellow object is necessary in any space. We might feel something missing if we don’t have any item in yellow at home. I totally agree with it, and you?

Source: Internet

Do you enjoy this article?

I understand that everyone is different. So I’d love to hear about how colors’ effect applies to your case.

Share your thoughts below. I’ll reply asap.

Camellia ❤

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