I, myself, believe that inspiration is one of the most pivotal elements that keeps us alive and motivated. Any creative process requires us to work primarily on creating an original idea. However, a new idea can be merely a mixture of old ideas together. That’s how I have trained my brain to acquire creativity by observing others’ work, putting them through my filter, then regenerating an entirely new version.

The truth is that whatever we keep seeing or hearing around impacts our perspective and our tendency of behaviour. Therefore, I pick out only inspiring components that attracts positive energy and grows my imaginative aptitude. In this article, I am going to share my favourite inspiring references that might be helpful to you. Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoy my list. 🙂

1. Travel Inspiration (Nomad Style)

@peach.punk is an Instagram account for travel photography that I do enjoy the most. Her nomad style brings me to a real human adventure. Her photos mainly expose nature, architecture, human and street life.

@lesothers is another source of travel inspiration that I am following. It is a very esthetical French magazine for explorers adoring travel, nature and outdoor activities. In addition, a Podcast channel telling fascinating adventurous stories might feed your curious mind.

2. Modern Art Inspiration

Connecting to art since I was little, I often question myself about this underestimated subject. I didn’t recognize my vast interest towards it until my 20s. A few years ago, I randomly discovered @mymodernmet that is a well-known community for creativity and art inspiration. Daily publishing qualified articles about the art world, I would definitely recommend following it.

3. Fashion Photography Inspiration

If you are a fan of high fashion and photography, you should check out @monogiraud on Instagram. Their new feed is full of astonishing photos that well present art and luxurious fashion style.

4. Reading Inspiration

Do not miss out @gestalten if you love photography, architecture, illustration, and design. You can find many quality books – mostly photo book – in these sectors sold on the website. The price is a bit expensive, though.

@thegoodtrade is another journal that I highly advise following. Registering to their newsletter, I receive a little email from them in my inbox every morning. In my opinion, they keep their content precise and inspiring enough, so readers can easily follow. As showing from their name, you can trade your good energy with them through their daily message.

5. Relationship Guru (Conscious Practice)

@risingwoman has become the biggest community worldwide for individual or couple practising conscious relationship. It has been spreading quickly since these recent years and strongly supported by women across countries. Their advices are precious and practical, especially in healing trauma and relationship issues.

Another guru in dealing with relationship problem is Esther Perel who is also holding a famous series Podcast for couples called “Where Should We Begin” in the US.

Finally, hope that my recommendations above could somehow inspire you in your creative process.

I will share more in the next post ❤

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