The man laid down on the couch while trying to unveil his charming muscles. Leaning against the wall, Mia suddenly paid attention to his arm. He has a tattoo which actually covers a large cicatrice. Turning to him, she asked:

— Tell me what happened. How did you get it? The man stayed silent for a second, then responded in his warning voice:

— You know when you shouldn’t ask certain questions.

Afterwards, he threw a scary sharp look at Mia. No doubt, her mouth could not even say a word. She completely got shocked. He has been one of the most gentle, charming, and funniest men that she had met. That moment, all perfect images about him collapsed.

The man stared at Mia, then continued:

— You should leave. Now!

His low-toned voice turned to be a warning signal. Trying to catch any tiny reaction from Mia, he gazed at her like a lion kept stalking his prey at a corner. Mia stood there while her mind was blowing up. Of course, she got confused.

But, his forceful demand all of a sudden activated Mia’s logical mind. She quickly gathered the old patterns from what she had known about this mystic man and started to connect the dots. After just a few seconds of analysing, she knew for sure that if she hadn’t acted wisely, she would push herself in a dangerous situation.

Anyone in her situation would explode, cream out loud, or talk to find out what was happening. However, those ideas are all worst.

Why did Mia think of danger, and how did she respond to protect herself in that situation?

[Discover in the next part]

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