Curiosity is the self-driven motivation to explore and to learn. Learning is like…you know, you have to take your medicine. If that is what it has become, that’s unfortunate.

Neil deGrasse Tyson

Being the type of person who often ask a thousand questions of “Why” to almost everything, I have been observing myself as well as our universe in a bigger picture. But, how?

In this article, I am going to share with you the benefits of nourishing our curious mind.

  1. Cultivating adept knowledge

Obviously, I am talking about the issues that interest you or at least contribute to develop your career. Your curiosity will encourage you to go deeper in those topics through a process of posing questions, researching, collecting, and analysing information before adopting a certain expert level in those subjects.

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Mind map can be a great tool to visualize, organize, and brainstorming our ideas in any topic. Here are some references that can give you free access: Mindmeister, GlooMaps, Zenkit, Mindnode.

2. Expanding our true network

In networking, everyone loves talking about themselves. Eventually, who will listen? That’s the one who stays curious and keeps asking others many questions. A curious person learns quickly and enjoys connecting to others. It’s how they grow their network.

The blooming of networking platforms lately is significant, especially during the lockdown period. Yet, we mostly limit ourselves to catch the real connection due to lack of curiosity. Without doubt, when we focus only about our personal interests, nobody enjoys networking. Embarrassedly, I had been there before being aware of my huge mistake. So, nurturing a curious mind also requires mindfulness practices.

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Here are my references for network platforms/ mobile apps that I have tried: LinkedIn, GroupMe, Shapr, Bizzabo, Quora, FB group.

Updated apps 2022 : Lunchclub, Wup Networking.

3. Discovering or activating our hidden potential

Curiosity motivates us to discover new knowledge. Curious people consider risks and uncertainty as an opportunity to learn and a long life investment. As a result, they focus on what they would gain for the long run instead of wasting time for nothing.

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I have executed plenty of jobs that I’d never thought I was capable to. My initial intention of trying them was very simple: I’m curious about my limitation. How I would deal with my inner security or fear. Fortunately, I have discovered certain personal strengths associating to my creativities and my sensibilities. Since then, I also found my purpose of life – a personal one, not what others expect.

Try everything that we are inquisitive about, then build our own IKIGAI.

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