If I ask you : “What does truly make you happy?” What would you answer?

  • Buying a nice flat or a house like your peers.
  • Owning the most trending, expensive clothes, or accessories to show off others how cool you are.
  • Travelling around the world to meet new people and share your stories and experiences.
  • Or do everything to make your dream and plan come true.

Photo by Jou00e3o Gustavo Rezende on Pexels.com

Well ! I am sure that everyone has purposes and their own answers. People have different needs depending on their life backgrounds and personal interests. No judgement here. But….wait !!! Think again. Are you really mindful about your response, and would you feel truly happy if you achieve them all?

If YES. Good for you.

If NO…Hmmmm… Be honest with yourself and investigate the real reason behind it. Believe me ! Our parent gave us a chance to come in life. But, it’s us who need to figure out our reason for being on Earth.

During my travels, I always meet new people from around the world and listen to different life stories. Many times, I got surprised and touched by how others are seeing life differently.

I remember a story from A, a young guy, who always questions about universe, and his life. Even though, he has owned almost everything, a flat, some pets, a car, and travel to so many places around the world. But, he never feels enough, and even think about suiciding many times. His life is missed an important piece.

Another time, I met T for a professional meeting. He was going to launch his first music album with his own songs. I didn’t even know him before. But, when he started singing and sharing his emotional stories behind each song in front of me, I cried. In that special moment, I understand how life purpose truly means to a person. And his life purpose is supporting and making his family happy. All well-written with love in his songs.

Life purpose is NOT financial achievement.

Materials don’t give us long-term happiness. It can only satisfy for an instant. The moment you get it, you will look for another thing to entertain yourself.

After listening to many people’s stories, I have concluded with one common point.

An individual often feels their life has a meaning when they have the capacity to support others. We all feel good after helping someone.

If you are also in your process of searching for meaning in life, try to pay attention to your change of emotions each time you give a hand to others, either a stranger, a friend, or a family member.

If it works for you, share your story to others and help them find their life purposes.

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